NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a new type of token that has been gaining popularity in the cryptocurrency world. The concept behind NFTs is to create unique tokens which represent some form of value and can be traded as such on exchanges.

NFT games, or “play to earn” games, are among the most popular use cases for NFTs and were first introduced by CryptoKitties in 2017. These types of games typically involve players earning virtual assets through gameplay and then selling those assets on an exchange at a profit after they’ve gained enough value. While this may sound like gambling, it’s actually not – since every asset is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind, there’s no  risk of losing your investment.

Below are 10 of the most popular play-to-earn NFT games in 2021.

1. Savages Game

The developers of Titanfall, Age Of Empires IV and Elder Scrolls Online have created a new game called Savages. This is one in the hottest NFT projects out there with 10k Immortals expected to drop on December 20th 2021! While players are called “savages” who can battle against other gamers or raid together for economic dominance where they will be rewarded by lots opportunities that provide them an edge over their competitors–even if it means taking down larger groups than before

The big name team behind this amazing project consists not only talent but also experience when working within video games industry since many members

2. Axie Infinity (AXS)

With a market cap of $127.47 and ranked 24th place in terms popularity, Axie Infinity is easily one the most popular games out there today! It’s also an app like no other–you collect axies from your friends or buy them with cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin). You then Breed these little guys until they’re strong enough for battle before letting loose on another trainer’s land…

3. Decentraland (MANA)

Whether it is VR or gaming, Decentraland has something for everyone. The world of NFT real estate could be a game changer in today’s market as developers and investors alike can sell their assets on this blockchain powered marketplace with zero fees to users who buy them!

Mana tokens are used not only within the entire economy but also through its proprietary decentralized application (dapp). It allows people all over planet Earth access into one another’s realities without any intermediaries involved whatsoever – just like those futuristic movies we see these days right?

4. Upland (UPX) NFT

Upland is an NFT real estate type of game, similar to what Decentraland does. But the unique nature of upland involves investing in Infrastructure and addresses which exist within this metaverse for a fee – but not as much; it takes only 10 minutes or so! As such you can buy property from one city all over America (or even world wide) just by using UPLands open beta program right now . It also has its own cryptocurrency called UPX that facilitates transactions within-game purchases between towns/cities when converted back into dollars later on down stream

5. Gods Unchained

With the rise of blockchain games such as Gods Unchained, trading cards have become more than just a way to collect characters from our favorite universes. They’re also an opportunity for us fight against other players in battles that we design and imagine – all thanks to NFTs!

As with any good video game mechanic comes some sort-of drawback: if you happen not be able buy or trade these expensive assets then there’s no point playing right? Wrong fans say goodbye card ownership because now this same benefit has been brought over into our world by incorporating them onto one marketplace where anyone can buy matched opponents based off different parameters (rank+, rarity).

6. Splinterlands NFT

The game is similar to traditional Pokemon, WWE and WWF card games in which players battle by considering attributes of their cards. In the beginning each player starts off with buying one starter pack that can be rare or just normal – if they are same then you combine them for better results when selling on marketplace!

7. Sorare NFT

Sorare is a football-based digital game that allows you to manage your virtual team, buy selling and managing the whole thing. You can participate in competitions with other teams or just play leisurely when it comes time for relaxation! Sorares ranked number 2 on crypto list of tokens because they offer both an NFT experience as well as some great gameplay features like ranking up through different levels which will be announced soon enough so stay tuned if this sounds interesting !

8. Zed Run

In Zed Run, players collect cards for their racehorses which can be used to run in different competitions and events. The horse you play determines what type of competition or event it will participate in – there’s no need to worry about matching up your favorite charities with available slots! Opensea provides an online marketplace where NFTs (non-fungible tokens) bought onsite are converted into USD currency.

9. My Crypto Heroes NFT

My Crypto Heroes is an exciting new cryptocurrency and NFT-based game. Developed by the MyCryptoTeam, it features four different classes with various skillsets to choose from: Warrior fighters who use swords or axes; Farmer farmers responsible for planting crops that provide food early in the game (and can be traded at higher prices once they’ve been harvested); Creator types that build structures out of wood like houses but also some tools such as carts which transport goods around town quickly; finally traders utilize magic spells casting them over objects just like how wizards enchant items before setting their price accordingly.”

10. Blockchain Cuties NFT

The NFT game follows a similar genre as that of Axie Infinity, World of ether, Pokemon which is to breed characters and collect them. Each NFT ( blockchain based ticket )is unique with the user’s own stamp on it! The monsters or better known as “cuties” can be traded through smart contract using Ethereum ,EOS , TRON & NEO blockchains . There are 3 playable species currently including:

Werewolf – A strong fighter but low stamina; 2)human–Brigadier General rank attacker who has high health points ;3 Monster Zombei- implies being sickly rather than frail

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