Xtingles is an audio-based social media platform that was created with the intent to promote relaxation and well-being. In order to do this, they’ve released their own token – the XRT token – that can be used by its users for purchasing goods and services on the platform. The tokens will also be used for tipping other members and/or receiving tips from other members. If you’re interested, head over to xtingles to learn more!

What exactly are ASMR videos like, anyways…?

ASMR stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”. According to Wikipedia, ASMR is a term used for an experience characterized by “a combination of pleasant tingling and/or static-like sensations on the skin that typically begin on the scalp and move down the back of the neck and upper spine.”

People often watch these videos to be relaxed or fall asleep.

How does this relate to blockchain technology?

According to the whitepaper, the initial application of blockchain will be its use as a distribution platform for xtingles’ audio content”. They plan on using blockchain “to create an open-source music library for xtingles that can be used by all players in the industry”. They also plan on using it to “create a platform where third parties can issue their own audio tokens and trade them on an open market”. If you’re interested, click here to learn more about how they will be using blockchain technology.

Xtingles releases its first Audio Token

Xtingles, the world’s first blockchain-based digital content token for ASMR, has announced its first Audio Token. Users can use xtingles’ ASMR tokens to purchase monthly subscriptions to content packages.

According to Andrew Fai, Xtingles’ Chief Visionary Officer “Free Like a Butterfly” leverages the unique communicative qualities of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) that help listeners find themselves and break free from constructs. Those who have already listened say it felt like floating weightlessly into clouds with possibilities everywhere while listening; this drop will be available soon for anyone interested in Mint USD on Flow Blockchain 1:1 redeemable against US Dollars–a stable coin issued by InterBitcoin Foundation!

The Xtingles platform has created an immersive ASMR experience for collectors. The company’s goal is to make 1 billion people happy, and they are doing it one coin at time with their NFT drops that allow all participants the opportunity of feeling included in this fun community-first metaverse.

ASMR NFT’s and Blockchain Gaming:

Xtingles is taking this new technology into the market in a unique way that will be enjoyed by all participants. It was originally intended to be an online platform where users can create content by practicing their craft, such as art, music, poetry, and films (and of course ASMR). Participants can tip each other and receive the tips as an Audio Token–the first ever and only blockchain-based platform (non-fungible token) of its kind.

Many users will be able to enjoy these NFT drops and feel included, because it is a community endeavor that was created by all who participate in this new ASMR Blockchain Technology with Xtingles. Participants who receive these Audio Tokens can redeem them against the US dollar 1 to 1 via InterBitcoin Foundation, a Mint USD issuer.

Xtingles is starting this new adventure with a monthly subscription service that will offer a variety of audio packages within ASMR, including Chinese-speaking programs and meditation sounds. Users will have access to audio token drops when they subscribe or when purchasing content packages. Furthermore, the company will have a free program for all participants in which they can enjoy ASMR sounds without purchasing anything. Xtingles is currently developing an advanced Artificial Intelligence system that will suggest content packages to interested users according to their profile and history of Audio Token drops.

Xtingles’ blockchain platform will be available for advertisers to use in their campaigns. The Audio Token they earn through this platform will allow users to purchase the content of their choice on Xtingles’ platform without interruption or interference–a new concept that is positive for its participants and helps support the growth of the company’s activity globally.

Xtingles’ goal is to help users discover themselves through self-realization and calmness, so they can find the freedom within their own minds. The company believes in this opportunity to expand beyond boundaries with its Audio Token drops.

It will also offer ASMR content packages in Mandarin and English and meditation storms that will be recorded live in augmented reality or virtual reality, depending on the user’s interest and choice.

The company believes that this new ASMR blockchain technology will be a great way to help people discover their innate gifts and talents, as well as allowing participants who receive Audio Tokens to listen to collectible content packages created by others on its platform with the goal of making 1 billion people happy.

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