The Creative NFT industry is booming with the introduction of many new creative tools for various purposes. One such tool, which has been gaining popularity among creatives in recent months, is the Non-Fungible Token (NFT). These tokens are representations of physical or virtual items that cannot be replaced by another token. The company behind this innovative system is Creatd, who aims to provide tools for creatives to produce their work without any boundaries.

The most expensive and popular NFT currently on sale at Creatd is an NFT representing Donald Trump before he was appointed as President of the United States. This particular token includes three photographs taken during his presidency days where he signed on a bare chested woman described as “Ivanka look-a-like.” The token is currently selling for a whopping 240 ETH, which at the time of writing is equivalent to over $1 Million Dollars.

Creatd has been gaining a lot of traction in the industry, with their Trump NFT being one of the most popular items on sale. It will be interesting to see what other controversial figures will be turned into NFTs in the future. Until then, the Donald Trump NFT will continue to sell for big bucks.

The iconic image of Donald Trump NFT

The iconic image of Donald Trump was acquired by Creatd from the creditors of Bob Guccione, who is an artist and photographer. This NFT includes three candid images as young Trump signs his chest surrounded by a crowd that had gathered for him to do so- including one woman shown reaching out delicately but proudly after she has been identified only through her necklace in this famous photograph taken at CPAC’s Yale University twenty years ago!

Historic photos of the first female president will be on sale soon. These historic images represent an opportunity to inspire conversation and debate perspectives from sharing light hearted wisecracks or ardent political judgments, with today’s release furthering Creatd team’s vision for exploring NFT space which can foster creativity among creators community

The new development follows last month launching “ dismantled radios – An exploration into personal memories captured through photographs” by photographer Gjon Calvin shrine.

The Trump photographs are a priceless collection of images that capture the infancy and evolution of one leader in particular. These historic photos were taken before he took on his current significance, signifying how much life has changed for this man since then! For more information about what’s going down with Creatd’ NFT strategy read my latest article over at Vocal.

The company has been actively taking part in the craze of NFT’s and their second drop is one that will help them continue exploring this new economic opportunities. It’s also very interesting how they were able to make such an adaptation within such a short period time frame, as co-CEO Laurie Weisberg says “the Trump NFT will allow us all glimpse into what could be possible if we work together.”

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