The company has been working on this NFT feature since then, and it looks like Twitter is in the final round of preparations to allow users to set NFT as display images.

Twitter NFT profile pictures will follow shortly

According to screenshots shared by Alessandro Paluzzi over the past few months, NFT profile pictures on Twitter are hexagonal in shape. To set an NFT as an avatar, you need to connect your crypto wallet to your Twitter account. Supported crypto wallets include Coinbase, Trust, Argent, Metamask, Gnosis Safe,, Pillar, Opera and ImToken.

Expanding the profile picture will show you details such as creator information, properties, collection and technical details of the NFT, including contract address, token ID, token standard and blockchain. You can see an early preview of the feature below:

Meanwhile, a sneak peek shared by the Twitter development team this September revealed a dedicated Collectibles tab that lets you browse the collection of NFTs you’ve bought so far.

According to the onboarding screen for Twitter NFT profile pictures shared by Paluzzi, the feature will soon be available for Android and the web. There is currently no information on the availability of iOS.

The development comes at a time when the popular voice chat app Discord was planning a similar NFT integration. However, Discord has faced backlash from users, prompting Discord CEO Jason Citron to confirm that the company has no plans to add crypto and NFT tools to the service for the time being.

It will be interesting to see how Twitter users react to the upcoming NFT features. If you’re someone who’s bought NFTs, are you considering using NFT profile pictures on Twitter? Let us know in the comments.

Amid the various new updates and features that are in development, Twitter is also working to tap the rising interest in NFTs, which has resulted in digital works of art taking on a new life of their own and generating billions in sales of users looking for the most exclusive pieces, which you can essentially use as status symbols on social networks.

You have no doubt noticed this yourself, as many Twitter users switch their profile pictures to portraits of animated monkeys, cats, trolls, and a wide range of other creations.

This is a way for users to showcase their latest digital art purchases, but Twitter wants a more direct connection – take a look at this first model of how users can view their NFTs.

As you can see in this video posted by Head of Consumer Products Marketing Justin Taylor, the new process would allow Twitter users to connect their digital wallet, which would then create a direct link between the user and their NFT buying activity. That would then allow Twitter to put a mark of authenticity and / or ownership (an “Ethereum tick” as Twitter calls it) on any NFTs displayed, as you can see in the final ad, with an icon on top of it NFT image indicating it is actually the property of the account holder.

Twitter is also developing a new Collectible

Twitter is also developing a new Collectible tab that allows users to view their own NFTs for profile visitors (also note the Reactions tab instead of the Likes, which is linked to Twitter’s ongoing Tweet Reaction experiment) .

It’s an interesting experiment that, as mentioned earlier, borrows from what Twitter users do with NFTs anyway. The focus on NFTs as avatars also ties in with the development of the metaverse concept, whereby these representative images will probably also be expanded to digital characters, which can then be used in other virtual applications as a form of identity.

And because they’re one-of-a-kind pieces, no one else will be able to use the exact same character model, while the exclusivity element can also add to your digital credibility – kind of a verified tick, but for those who really have to do with digital layers ( or just rich).

Twitter isn’t the only platform experimenting with NFT display options. Instagram is also developing a similar profile showcase option for their own NFTs, while Facebook is also investing heavily in the broader Metaverse concept that ties in with the same themes.

In the case of Facebook, it’s more likely to be the fully functional digital avatars mentioned above based on these images, or a virtual display of NFT artwork in virtual reality, for example, but the impulse is largely the same and connects to the latest emerging content trends that point to the next big platform switch.

Twitter hasn’t started a live test of this new display option yet, but it is already leaning towards the cryptocurrency for payments and seems to match the rising trends in the app.

Twitter continues to rely on the blockchain. The social network is currently testing a function with which you can use an NFT that you own as a user picture.

Twitter boss Jack Dorsey is an avowed crypto fan. His company recently announced that users will be able to tip each other in the form of Bitcoin in the future. But this should by no means remain the only blockchain-based application. Dorsey is also impressed by NFT. After all, the multi-billionaire sold the first tweet ever for the equivalent of 2.9 million US dollars as an NFT in early 2021 – and then donated the money.

Instead of just turning tweets into NFT, Twitter apparently wants to bring NFT to the platform in the future. In a video shared by Twitter’s chief marketing officer, a social network developer shows how such an NFT integration could work. The Twitter app could be connected to your own crypto wallet. Users would then have access to all of their NFTs and could use them as a profile picture – provided that the NFT is also a picture. A small icon at the edge of the user picture would then indicate, for example, that the NFT is stored in the Ethereum blockchain.

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A lot of money in the NFT market

The market for NFT picked up again in August 2021. In the last week of August there were around 33,000 active wallets, according to the Block. The NFT sales platform Opensea also posted record sales. There, collectors spent the equivalent of more than $ 3.3 billion on NFT. At the same time, the number of Opensea users also increased. According to estimates by Dune Analytics, around 213,000 people have now carried out at least one transaction via the platform. In September, however, NFT sales fell noticeably again.

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