There are many crypto games that have been released, but few can match the success of CryptoKitty. The game is based on NFTs and rarity which has made it one of the most popular blockchain games in the world. This article will examine some of the most expensive Cryptokitties ever sold.

We’ll start by looking at what a Cryptoken actually is and how they work before we dive into who owns them and why they’re valuable.    We’ll also see how much these rare kitties sell for, where you can find them online, and other fun facts about this unique cryptocurrency-based game !

1. CryptoKitty: Dragon

The first CryptoKitty, Dragon was sold for 600 ETH which is still one of the highest prices paid. The team members believe that someone had an emotional connection with this Kitty and wanted to buy it because they felt like donating money rather than just buying something physical like other collectibles might be seen as having value in society today but we all know how shady some people can become when there’s no consequences! Other theories say maybe these buyers were trying hard not get caught so their cash flow didn’t suffer too much from being traced back? Who knows what goes through someone’s mind during such things.

2. CryptoKitty: Founder Cat

CryptoKitty #18 is one of the Founder Cats in this game and they’re not only valuable because they were born early, but also because founders are usually amongst those who sell at higher rates. As we know founder cats can command high prices due to their scarcity – so it makes sense that Crypto Kitties would want as many such breeds for themselves! This particular kitty was sold off by a user for over $566k USD after being transferred 253 eth (today) which equals 616%). The person owning them seems very happy about his purchase too; maybe he’ll be ableto turn around

3. Cryptokitty: Founder Cat

Cryptokitty #4 is another Founder Cat that was sold for a very high price. It’s in the list of being one of the most expensive Cryptokitties ever sold, with an unknown amount but possible at $500K+ USD by 2021 if Ethereum prices continue to increase like they have been doing recently (and even more)! The owner claims this kitty is still just as loving and playful- which makes me believe it hasnt changed much over time despite how valuable its become.

The Cryptokitty game was invented as a fun way to breed and collect cats, but it has since become an investment opportunity. With the recent rise in prices for these digital felines- so called CryptoKitties – investors are flocking from all around world looking at how they can get involved with this new cryptocurrency craze!

The top three most expensive cryptokitties sold ever come courtesy of one buyer who snapped them up within just ten minutes after going on sale online earlier this year–a testament bothto their popularity amongst collectors AND what some analysts believe could be yet another bubble about ready pop.

Digital Collectibles are a new way to invest in the digital economy. These unique and irreplaceable tokens can be anything from an original artwork, trading cards & collectible items music or even more! NFT’s work on blockchain technology which stores all data about your asset within its own encrypted block chain

NFT’s are unique and irreplaceable because the data about them can be stored on a blockchain. They also have an original artwork, trading cards or collectibles for sale in their marketplace that cannot be replicated by anyone else!

While cryptocurrencies may seem like a passing fad to some, the rise of digital collectibles is just one example of how blockchain technology can have an impact on our daily lives. These unique and irreplaceable tokens are anything from an original artwork, trading cards & collectible items, or music that cannot be replicated by anyone else! The owners of these assets store all data about them within its own encrypted block chain which makes NFT’s more secure than most other asset classes in this new era for investing.

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