The popularity of NFT games is increasing. Top players are earning more than $300 million in just one game alone! And according to CryptoMinati Capital, the reason behind the popularity of these games is low entry price and high profitability. This means that anyone can enter this exciting world with less risk and greater reward than ever before.

The best NFT games are those which offer both entertainment as well as a chance to earn money. For example, CryptoKitties has earned over $20 million in revenue from two weeks of operation and it’s only expected to grow exponentially in 2021!

Battle Of Guardians: Best NFT Fighting Game

Battle of Guardian is a new type of fighting game that pits players against each other in the virtual world. Developed by Unreal Engine, Battle Of Guardian combines PvP action with player versus environment battles to create an immersive experience not found anywhere else!

The four-player team behind this awesome project have created something truly special and we cannot wait until it becomes available on Solana later next year where you can get your hands on all those rewards while earning them just like any true champion would do – without mercy or remors!

A sci-fi game with long-term growth potential that provides an exciting and enjoyable gaming experience. With stunning graphics, it offers unique NFTs for players to generate real world revenue in the form of assets from their gameplay as well as other opportunities like design contests or sweepstakes promotions where you can win prizes just by playing!

Idle Cyber: Best Play To Earn NFT Game

In the world of Idle Cyber, humanity has been forced to erect huge walls to serve as their first line against cyborgs that want nothing more than human extinction. As a player, you control an elite squad known as ‘Cyber Defense’. The team consists largely made up mutants with different abilities and weapons who are responsible for helping fight off these machines alongside giant bosses within this post-apocalyptic futuristic setting.

The game is an online virtual reality shooting experience that combines fast-paced fighting with light RPG elements. You’ll be able to play as three different characters, each with their own set of skills and weapons for battle! The graphics are beautiful on both mobile devices as well as desktop computers so don’t miss out if you’re interested in this fun new genre.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity has been one of the most popular games on Ethereum Blockchain. It’s a play-to-earn type game with an emphasis in early Pokémon style, which operates using blockchain technology and smart contracts to provide players more than just collecting virtual creatures but being able interact within their ecosystem as well.

Axie Infinity has implemented Ronin, a prominent scalability solution that doesn’t cost anything. With the primary goal of combating other gamers and players breeding Axies (NFT-based digital creatures), there are no fees for transactions! Each axie is unique in terms of its genetic signature so descendants will receive all strengths or faults depending on which parent they have when it comes time to create an offspring–it’s like being able to choose what kind of animal you’re going into battle as!


MetaWars is considered a futuristic sci-fi game following the blueprint of an original multiplayer strategy. This roleplaying experience takes players out into space and lets them explore one memorable planet among many in this realistic universe, while they get to monetize with it through MetaWar economy that thrives off collective action from participants like themselves!

MetaWars is a game of cooperative exploration where players create their own robots and fleet ships to explore the galaxy. They can also battle other teams in order for resources that will help them better customize themselves, which leads up towards combat at some point during gameplay – but not before! There are three aspects: first there’s everything related with Exploration; secondly comes Fleet Formation (including customizable units), followed by lastly Combat as well an additional Acquire Terrain feature added on top.


Splinterlands is a popular and interactive card game. As you play, your progress can be saved on the blockchain for all to see! If it’s not enough that playing this NFT slot machine will give out rewards like cash or cards worth thousands of dollars; there are even more opportunities at their disposal such as purchasing special items with gold coins from within game stores called “bank.”

The rare card game is an exciting new addition to the world of online gaming. These cards have a deep, complex and strategic gameplay that will keep you on your toes as you battle against other gamers for supremacy in this virtual space! When first acquiring these magnificent items however there are many things one needs to know about them before jumping right into battleshyperspace (or wherever). For starters-you may end up getting several copies from different types within just one purchase which can be handy depending how heavily invested they already were at higher levels when prices went sky high earlier this year; another cool thing to do with some identical matching set wouldaturally combine their power through a mechanic called “syncing.”

Sandbox 3D

The Sandbox 3D is a game where you can create and trade various virtual assets. It’s one of the top NFT gaming platforms for creating or trading voxels, which are customizable pieces that come with their own monetization strategy attached to them in this blockchain-based version of Roblox or Minecraft!

The world of Sandbox 3D is an open-world physical sandbox. As a player, you are free to experiment with your fellas’ games and manipulate various objects in this virtual environment by using the tools provided onsite or downloading more if desired – all while selling them from one market too! In addition there’s also space for creating one’s own custom made video game that can be played by anyone else online who wants participate so long as they have access software download links available at their fingertips via internet connection whenever needed throughout gameplay duration which makes these types truly social interact.

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