Keep using TrueCrypt NFTs because despite serious analysis, no security issues have been found. This is a great option as TrueCrypt has proven to be an excellent and reliable program in every way. Plus, it’s free. Maybe when changing operating systems. With newer versions there may be compatibility problems with TrueCrypt in the future.

Use one of the TrueCrypt forks. It’s good as the first option too, while there is hope to update the program and add new features and algorithms. The main advantage is that they retain all of the TrueCrypt features.

Some of these NFTs will feature a digital watermark celebrating UNICEF’s 75th anniversary, while others will feature various events scheduled for early 2022. These digital collectibles will be sold directly by UNICEF to way of the Ethereum blockchain.

“For 75 years, UNICEF has been a force for change in the lives of children. While this anniversary invites us to retrace our history, we must also move forward and seize every opportunity that is given to us to innovate to secure the future of our children, ”says UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore. “We need to use all the tools at our disposal if we are to reach more children and build a better world – and that means, among other things, new ways of fundraising and financing. UNICEF’s launch of its first collection of data-driven digital tokens will directly support our global action to bridge the digital divide and make the internet more accessible for all young people. “

Proceeds from this auction and other NFT-based fundraisers scheduled for late 2021 and early 2022 will be used to fund promising initiatives by UNICEF’s Global Innovation Office, such as Giga , a joint initiative of UNICEF and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to connect schools around the world to the Internet using new technologies such as low earth orbit satellites, machine learning and the blockchain. To date, the Giga initiative has connected more than 3,000 schools, benefiting some 700,000 children, and mapped more than a million additional schools with the aim of better targeting investments in favor of connectivity.

For this NFT series in tribute to its 75th anniversary, UNICEF has teamed up with artist and data visualization specialist Nadieh Bremer to create a highly visual collection called “Patchwork Kingdoms”. ). Each room consists of a world “above” and a world “below”, representing connected and unconnected schools respectively. The paler squares of the “reflection” city symbolize the lack of connectivity, in contrast to the “resplendent” connectivity of the schools in the upper city. The different colors used show the number of children who still do not have access to the Internet. These works are inspired by the dynamic maps of the Giga Initiative on School Connectivity.

The entire collection incorporates data from more than 280,000 schools in 21 countries, with each work illustrating a subset of these.

“I was mainly inspired by the wonder that one feels during childhood,” explains Nadieh Bremer. “I used Giga’s dynamic maps to create 1,000 tiny fantasy pieces, trying to subtly convey the importance of this project: many schools still do not have Internet connections, which excludes many children. “

Through various initiatives of its Office of Innovation, and alongside many partners in the public and private sectors, UNICEF works to harness the digital revolution to ensure that every child can thrive. Among the priority areas for action are mental health and the fight against climate change. The collectors who will acquire these NFTs will have a snapshot of the progress of the Giga initiative at the moment T. Various evolutions are planned thereafter, such as the possibility of collecting schools in particular, of connecting the “realms” and to observe the development of the Urban Landscapes Network as progress made in school and community connectivity under Giga’s leadership.

“Over 1.3 billion children are disconnected as the world becomes increasingly connected. We cannot let these children grow up in isolation, cut off from the wealth of information and possibilities available online, with fewer resources to learn and thrive, “insists Henrietta Fore. “The Office of Innovation works around the world to bridge the digital divide through innovation and technology. “

This collection of NFT is not only the largest in the history of the United Nations, but also the first based on data.

It increases the security of the algorithms for encrypting the system and the sections and makes them immune to new developments in brute force attacks. For example, when encrypting a system partition, TrueCrypt uses PBKDF2-RIPEMD160 with 1000 iterations, while VeraCrypt uses 327661! And for standard containers and other partitions, TrueCrypt uses no more than 2000 iterations, while VeraCrypt uses 655331 for RIPEMD160 and 500000 iterations for SHA-2 and Whirlpool.

These security enhancements only add a certain amount of latency when opening partitions without affecting performance while in use. This is acceptable to the real owner, but it makes it very difficult for attackers to gain access to encrypted data.

Hidden from guests

This program can encrypt system partition and non-system partitions, supports all latest version Windows operating system, third party bootloaders and more. DiskCryptor supports multiple encryption algorithms and combinations thereof, AES hardware acceleration if supported by the system, and full support for external drives. In terms of functionality, this program is closest to TrueCrypt.

This program officially announces that it has no backdoors or bookmarks as it is located in a country whose legislation cannot force it to do so. Of interesting functions – file manager (hard drive firewall), which protects data from illegal copying, viruses. It allows only authorized programs to make changes to the data on the encrypted hard drive.

Hidden from guests

This program cannot encrypt partitions, only individual files. While not a complete alternative to TrueCrypt, it can be used to encrypt important files on the system. The program uses the AES 128-bit encryption algorithm and also supports key files.

Hidden from guests

Bitlocker is only part of Windows in the Enterprise and Ultimate and Pro versions under Windows 8. The claim that Bitlocker has a built-in backdoor for law enforcement and other services has never been proven, but it has a key recovery feature that can be used to decrypt volumes protected by this program, which can be on Microsoft servers rather than local.

Specially designed to protect the data with which you synchronize cloud services such as Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox. It uses 256bit and automatically detects the supported providers after installation. Not available for Linux.

Service no longer works (Sophie Jagd- thanks for the info). The site has an inscription with the following content:

The Cloudfogger project has been stopped, Cloudfogger is no longer available.

Current Cloudfogger users should re-encrypt their files with a new solution, as we will also be switching off our keyservers in the next few weeks.

Everything is clear about the prices of the products, as well as the supported operating systems. I would just like to note that the versions of TrueCrypt for MacOS and Linux have their own application nuances and the installation on Microsoft server platforms offers certain advantages, but cannot replace the enormous functionality of commercial data protection systems in a company network. Let me remind you that we are considering personal crypto protection.

Built-in algorithms, encryption providers, XTS and cascade encryption

In contrast to integrated encryption algorithms, cryptography providers are separate plug-ins that determine the encryption method (decoding) used by the program. Why do commercial solutions use cryptographic service packages? The answers are simple but financially sound.

International standards are being developed, tested and implemented around the world, but it is necessary for Russian government structures to meet the requirements of FSTEC and FSB. These requirements include licensing the creation and distribution of information security tools.

Data encryption tools are cryptographic providers, and the programs themselves do not require development and sales certification.

Chained encryption is the ability to encode information with one algorithm when it has already been encoded with another. This approach, although it slows down the work, makes it possible to increase the resistance of protected data against hacking – the more the “opponent” knows about the encryption method (for example the algorithm used or the key character set), the easier it is for him to retrieve information to disclose.

This mode uses two keys, the first of which is used to generate the initialization vector and the second of which is used to encrypt the data. The method works according to the following algorithm:

The emergency shutdown of encrypted hard drives is an undeniably necessary feature in situations where an immediate response is required to protect information. But what happens next? The “opponent” sees the system on which the encryption protection is installed and the disk, which cannot be read with system resources. The conclusion about hiding information is obvious.

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