What is the Sandbox? The Sandbox is a virtual metaverse where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences in the Ethereum blockchain using NFTs and $SAND, the platform’s utility token. To date, The Sandbox has generated over $144 million in transaction volume. On Nov 1st of this year they announced that they had raised $93 million in Series B funding to scale up their business model.

The sandboxes success stems from one core principle: allow gamers to create whatever game world they want with no limitations on what assets are available or how many friends can join them for playtime.

This kind of open-ended creativity means there are endless possibilities for games within the sandbox environment. Players can create new game genres, worlds, and experiences that have never been seen before.

The Sandbox announced a partnership with Meta, in which they will be integrated into Meta’s newly launched social metaverse. “We are inspired by the potential of blockchain games and ready to promote their integration further for our users–allowing them access without additional registration onto TheSandboxes virtual world,” said Fabia Seidl Director Global Creative Development at Metaa.”

Brands, LAND and SAND

The Sandbox is a metaverse made up of LAND NFTs, which can be purchased and used in The Virtual World. Land has been released since 2020 with some selling out quickly but now it’s happening much more quickly as seen on this map from their website showing just one small segment:

Lands are digital real estate for your imagination! Each one is a unique and limited parcel of virtual land that can be used to create anything you want in the game. From castles to kingdoms, skyscrapers to bustling cities, the possibilities are endless!

The Sandbox has also announced that they will be releasing SAND, their own utility token usable in the metaverse.

“The Sandbox is excited to announce the upcoming release of SAND, our own utility token which will allow players to interact with each other and purchase digital goods and services inside The Sandbox Virtual World,” said Laurent Martin Co-founder and CEO of The Sandbox. “We believe that blockchain gaming is the future, and we are committed to building the best possible for developers and gamers alike.”

Among the high-profile LAND owners in The Sandbox are Atari, Binance and Pranksy who would be able to build interactive virtual environments or games for their platform. In March this year it was announced that 3D voxelized versions of some popular creations will become available through players’ avatars on top social VR networks like Facebook with an option to purchase land from them as well!

The Sandbox has created a virtual world where users can explore and interact with the characters from over 165 different brands through voxelised versions. These include The Walking Dead, Deadmau5 (Richie Hawtin), Shaun The Sheep, Care Bears ; it’s even home to Snoop Dogg!

Attractive Incentives for Creators

The Sandbox is committed to helping creators develop their brands, and has attractive incentives built into the platform. 95% of all revenue generated by items sold on our site goes straight back into a creator’s pocket – as well as an additional 5%. 50%, meanwhile will be reinvested within The Foundation itself (in order for it grow!) meaning that there are funds available right away!

The Next Evolution Of Decentralized Games

The Sandbox is a unique platform as it leads blockchain technology into the gaming world. The company’s recent entry into Meta’s social metaverse has shown that they will be one of major players in this field, with high profile brand partnerships and their ability to successfully roll outblockchain-based games for mass volumes already established

The main mission behind TheSandBox was always about bringing cryptocurrency tech closer towards its intended audience: gamers! By creating an environment where users can create assets on blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum without actually owning any themselves but just having them managed by smart contracts through.

If you’re a game developer, The Sandbox is worth checking out. It’s an evolving platform that can’t currently be played but offers opportunities for creativity ahead of its release later this year – with developers being able to create their own content before then! For gamers interested in what might come next after Minecraft or LittleBigPlanet 3; make sure not miss out on these Alpha versions which will give players access at different stages through pre registering interest via website.

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