Is your brain ready for a rollercoaster ride NFT? Step into the world of FEWOCiOUS, an 18-year old cryptoartist who is at his desktop computer and watching two frenzied bidding wars between art collectors. The room has been covered with cardboard so that it’s dark outside; only strings of blue LED lights can be seen shining down from above this window where he sits anxiously awaiting numbers to go higher than what they have before him on screen – as we all know too well by now…

It wasn’t quite 4pm yet but Victor Langlois had already started getting excited about becoming even more creative than usual today if possible! He was dressed casually in white hoodie which revealed some psychedelic designs like eyeballs floating in blue skies and sunflowers on his arms. Langlois is also known by his art name FEWOCiOUS or Fewo to friends and fans.

This was all happening because of the sudden boom in the market for NFTs (non-fungible tokens). In case you don’t know, an NFT is a digital asset that is unique, unlike other traditional cryptocurrencies which can be divided into fractions. So, when it comes to buying and selling these online, collectors become extremely competitive as each wants to own a completely one-of-a-kind piece!

NFT Boom: Overnight success

The bidding war began on Feb 7th, when an art collector called @thegreatmando1 offered Langlois 15 ETH for his digital painting “The Sailor.” This is a single unit of Ether worth around $1 600 USD at the time; however due to two other bidders going back and forth between each other with offers over 18 ethers ($33 000) by noon this price had been reached resulting in victory as they were able push it up higher than any other bidder could handle themselves internally before finally winning out against them all!

When he received the notification, Langlois had just gone to bed. His lack of interest in his own art was surprising as well as refreshing; it gave him time for other pursuits like sleeping! A fellow artist pinged him after getting a $60k bid on one piece – this is more than some people make in years so I guess there are always patrons out here waiting patiently until their turn comes around again…

I have been working as a digital artist for years and I am still in awe of the moment when my work gets recognized by someone likeTed Langlois. He saw something special with “The Sailor”, telling me that he knew this would be one painting people couldn’t afford not too soon after bidding opened at $75K!

“I’ve never seen anything close to such enthusiasm online – all these other artists cheering him on while we’re just waiting out there…”

When I asked Langlois about his process, he told me that one of the first things was deciding how to draw people. (“I decided to make them really ugly because everyone always says my paintings are beautiful but no one knows what they look like.”) He also said it’s important not just for him as an artist but other artists too–that if someone wants their art shown in public places or on buildings where lots more people will see them then having known talented artists work together makes all those pieces better!

By 2021, the year that he turned 18 and could legally live on his own as an adult before going to college or enlistment in America’s armed forces (AFS), Langlois had enough money saved up from selling art online such as SuperRare since summer 2018. He became a full-time artist; came out publicly at trans; rented house near downtown where one day it hit him: this was all too weird! His family didn’t have much though so when everyone always worked two jobs just like them – living terrible parts of California while still coming form El Salvador — making $1k.

There’s something about the way that Langlois draws his pictures, they’re so bizarre and fascinating. You can see everything from what he was feeling when creating this piece of art as well as how much time went into each intricate detail- which makes for an unforgettable experience!

In addition to being entertainingly strange in appearance with dripping tears or exposed skinned faces common trademarks throughout most pieces by him I’ve seen on Instagram over @l surviving_mi these days ̶ there is also some deep emotional reaction happening behind all those joyfully goofy grins.”

In order to make this NFT, artist Peter Langlois used blockchain code. Blockchain is a type of database that stores information in blocks and prevents tampering because each block links back with the previous one using specialized math puzzles called cryptography which cannot be broken without knowing how they work. These pieces are connected through an online ledger system where everyone can see what data belongs whenever someone wants but only people who have been given access know about these connections

The beauty behind these Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) comes from its uniqueness; there’s no way for anyone else besides you owning them so it feels almost as though real live artwork has come alive and only you and other collectors (or other NFT holders) can really understand what these mean to an individual. However, don’t go too crazy on any one piece as there is a limited number of them out there; we’re already starting to see prices rise slowly after its creation date for this digital artwork!

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