The NFT space is a rapidly growing industry that has been seeing exponential growth for the last few years. In fact, it’s not only experiencing significant growth but also adoption at an unprecedented rate as well. But what exactly are non-fungible tokens? And why should you care about them?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital assets with unique and specific attributes – they’re one of a kind and can’t be copied, cloned or replicated. They exist on blockchains like Ethereum and EOS and can represent anything from virtual items in games to physical objects like artwork or real estate titles.

The potential use cases for this new technology are endless: from securing ownership of your favorite sneakers so nobody can sell them without your permission, to building unique and rare art collections that can be bought and sold on a global marketplace.

The NFT market has seen explosive growth over the past year with some experts speculating this trend will continue well into 2019 – if you’re thinking of joining this new industry as a developer or entrepreneur but don’t know where to start, here are some tips to help you get on your way.

1) Get involved with the community

The NFT industry is relatively new but there are active crypto communities across Twitter, Reddit and Telegram. This can be a great place to start building relationships with other people in the space as well as exchange ideas about projects that may not have launched yet.

2) Do your own research for NFT Space

There are tons of projects that are working on all kinds of different applications for NFTs. Some examples include gaming platforms, marketplaces, collectible digital cards, eSports betting sites and supply chain tracking tools to give just a few examples. Make sure you do your own research into these projects and think about whether you can add value to them in some way.

3) Help startups with their design and branding

The NFT space is growing so quickly that many projects are struggling to grow their user base and customer base fast enough to satisfy the demand of token holders. This has led to a large increase in demand for skilled graphic designers, UI/UX specialists and copywriters who can help these companies build a better product and get more people excited about what they’re doing. Anybody with these skills could potentially find a rewarding role based on their own individual strengths.

4) Get your hands dirty developing!  

There’s an ever increasing list of companies that need talented developers experienced with Solidity (Ethereum), EOS or NEO smart contracts to help them build, deploy and launch their own NFT products. If you’ve got any experience with blockchain development and want to get involved in the space, this could be a very rewarding way to start your career.

5) Work for existing companies that are already successful

There are also lots of companies that have been around for a while that offer rewarding opportunities to work on tokenization projects or blockchain-based platforms such as 0x , CryptoKitties (Axiom Zen), Everdragons (Everdragons Inc.) and Decentraland (Decentraland). Whether you’re looking for a junior level position or something more senior, there’s likely going to be a company out there with job openings. There may even be opportunities at some of these companies for people who are self-taught, or have experience coding in languages other than Solidity (we’re hiring!).

6) Don’t get discouraged

There’s a lot going on in the world of NFTs right now and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all of this new information, especially when learning about a problem nobody has solved yet. It’s okay to feel a little lost sometimes but don’t let this feeling overwhelm you. It’s okay to not know something! And whenever you feel stuck or confused, reach out to others for help or advice. There are lots of opportunities to connect with leaders in your space who are always willing to share their time and knowledge with other people.

7) Consider attending and speaking at conferences

If you do find yourself with some free time, another way to drum up your reputation in the space is to attend blockchain/crypto events and conferences. Things like Devcon (World’s largest Ethereum Developer Conference) and major annual NFT focused events like CryptoKonf , Ethereal Summit or EOS DevCon happen throughout the year and can all be great opportunities for networking, learning more about your industry and meeting people face-to-face who you might not otherwise have been able to connect with.  

8) Don’t be afraid to work for free

Some employers might try to take advantage of people by only paying them a small salary or nothing at all during early stages of their career. Be careful with anybody who says they’ll only pay you if you’re successful. However, there are still lots of companies out there that might be willing to offer remote work or low salaries right now because they also understand the value in training and investment ( Meerkat Integration , CryptoKitties/Axiom Zen). We at 0x will always offer competitive compensation for our team members regardless of their role on our team.

9) Keep your eyes open for new opportunities in the NFT space

Finally, one last piece of advice is to keep an eye out for any unique opportunities that may come your way. People in the NFT space are still very early adopters when it comes to technology and there’s no shortage of companies struggling with all kinds of different problems right now. If somebody reaches out with a specific problem you can solve, make sure you think about how valuable your ability to solve that particular issue might be.  

And remember not everyone has expertise in all areas, so if someone offers you the chance to work on a project you don’t have any knowledge of yet, go for it! It might even lead to an entirely new area of development that you’ll be able to add to your resume in the future.

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