CryptoPunks have come to represent NFTs on the world stage. As algorithmically created digital art, they have come to be recognized as incredibly valuable pieces of history that kicked off the CryptoArt movement.

Both retail and institutional investors are looking to these early NFTs as scarce assets that will appreciate in value over time. With only 10,000 unique CryptoPunks in circulation, each one has provenance and value of its own, dictated by real-world factors and changing tastes. Investment in a CryptoPunk, therefore, is now tantamount to owning an expensive work of art: no discernable intrinsic worth but with high extrinsic worth based on rarity/provenance/changing tastes etc.

Some of the earliest CryptoPunks include: ‘guywithgun’, sold for $977 on May 9, 2017 and ‘asshole’ ,sold for $535 on June 15th, 2017. As you can see from the price history graph below, early prices were very low. And while all 10k cryptopunks are equal, some have been sold for much higher prices than others.

10. CryptoPunk #561

One of the rarest and most collectible NFTs in existence, CryptoPunk #561 sold for an incredible $2.38 million dollars on November 08th 2021–a 29000% increase since their last auction! The 3D-glass wearing punk is one out only 115 With Top Hats to wear them proudly -and it also comes complete with aged frames that have seen better days due even before they were made into glasses

9. CryptoPunk NFTs #8888

CryptoPunk is now worth $2.87 million, as it has recently been sold for the specially fitting price of 888 ETH to an anonymous buyer who wants nothing more than luck in Chinese numerology and possession number 88 being considered lucky– this time with not one but two instances!

8. CryptoPunk NFTs #2140

Gary Vee bought CryptoPunk #2140 for $3.7 million in July 2021, one of 24 “Ape Punks” amongst 10K circulation and also sports small shades & knitted cap adding to its value; being owned by entrepreneur brings additional credibility that will only increase as blockchain can verify ownership with proof available at any time!

7. CryptoPunk NFTs #2338

In November 2018, the hodlerpunk #2338 sold for just $458. But after years without any activity and with only a few transaction history on CoinMarketCap to go by, it’s hard not be amazed at how quickly that price skyrocketed over four months later in August 2021 when they were eventually auctioned off at an astonishingly high valuation of nearly 5 million dollars!

The mohawked alien has been sitting pretty ever since – but there is no doubt left as far as what his future holds; one way or another…

6. CryptoPunk #6275

The popular NFT personality, Pranksy purchased one of the 88 zombie punks for over 5 million dollars in September 2021. He bought it with a dark mohawk and shadow bear combination that can be found only on these cards – not to mention its high Number 1 rule: remain liquid!

5. CryptoPunk #7252

A chinstrap, earrings and rocker hair style is what this particular CryptoPunk NFT has to offer. This one was sold for $5 million in August by Feng Bo who saw its value rise quickly after the first few sales were made!

One of 88 undead coins out there waiting for you (or someone else) take up where they left off.

4. CryptoPunk #5217

Selling for more than $5 million, punk #5217 is one of the 24 apes with intrinsic scarcity. The knitted cap and gold chain attributes make it an attractive purchase by an unknown investor; however its popularity on trading sites has died down recently after being transferred into wallet holding portfolios from other punks worth a combined total value over 1 million dollars !

3. CryptoPunk #8857

With a flurry of interest over the summer, receiving multiple multi-million dollar offers, CryptoPunk #8857 was finally sold for $6.63 on September 11th to an anonymous buyer who is looking to remain anonymous themselves! The unique attribute that this zombie punk has along with their wild hair and 3D glasses makes it even more rare than most zombies out there.

2. CryptoPunk #7804

The most valuable hipster-looking punk in the world was sold for $7.57 million dollars at auction, and it’s only gotten more valuable since then because of its rare features!

1. CryptoPunk #3100

CryptoPunk #3100 is the most expensive sold, with a staggering $7.58 million sale in March 2021 and now its owner has indicated they want to break records yet again by listing it at only $91 million. Should this buy happen, Crypto-punk will once again cement his place within NFT history as one of nine aliens accumulating provenance through making waves on their own accord throughout these past years since The Cuttlefish’s debut into crypto collectibles -NFT’

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