The NFT market exploded in 2021. We were able to observe the sale of unique crypto assets in the form of NFTs in the areas of art and sports, among others. And we also witnessed exorbitant prices – a Beeple NFT sold for $ 69 million on the digital counter. A picture of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s first tweet fetched a record $ 3 million.

Although NFTs hit the market in 2012, it took nine years for them to go mainstream. And the potential of the NFT area is far from being exhausted. There’s no better way to find out more about the space than checking out the top NFT artists. Here we go!


Beeple is high on the list and there is a good reason for that. As mentioned earlier, the artist (real name Mike Winklemann) had sold one of his digital works of art for $ 69 million earlier this year. That makes him one of the most valuable artists of all, digital or not.

He is currently promoting his 5258 Consecutive Days collection (a work of art that is created daily for that number of days) and is almost at the end of that project. Additionally, he now has related merchandising items (officially or not) with his artwork printed on them, bringing his digital creations into the real world. Beeple is certainly an example of one of the best NFT artists.

Mike Winkelmann, known as Beeple hat, is the most valued crypto art gallery on the market. This artist, distinguished by his eye-catching, dystopian works, has sold the most expensive work in crypto art.

His collection includes a total of 824 works, with which he received more than 5,756 ETH. At press time, it was approximately $ 11.1 million.

Trevor Jones Art

Mad Dog Jones is a leading Canadian NFT artist who grossed millions of dollars from a single airdrop NFT. One airdrop generated $ 4 million. Most fans of the artist pay up to $ 5,000 to own a piece of Mad Dog Jones art.

Since July 2020, Jose Delbo has focused on selling comics in the form of NFTs and quickly became one of THE NFT artists in the comic space. His first comic book in this form, “Death,” sold for only $ 642.14. Since then, the price of his work has increased to an average of $ 2,884.53 each. As previously mentioned, his collaboration with Trevor Jones was rewarded with $ 553,169.65. Jose’s artwork is now valued at over $ 8 million, and as long as he’s producing NFTs, prices will go up.

As we reported at the Blockchain Observatory, crypto art represented in non-fungible tokens (NFT) began to gain momentum in the second half of 2020, but the boom didn’t come until late last year. In digital art in blockchain, artists not only see new ways to protect their work, but also see a new opportunity for more profitability in their work. Below is a brief overview of the 10 best-selling artists.


The artist is hiding behind the pseudonym Dann has sold 1,643 digital works of art valued at 3,771 ETH. Currently around $ 7.25 million. “Base” is his most valued crypto art to date. It sold for $ 187,758, an amount far below that of other artists. Still, Pak is the first crypto artist to have achieved NFT sales of more than $ 1 million in 2020. This year Pak realized the sale of 269 works in four different digital galleries.

Trevor Jones Art

Canadian artist Trevor Jones, also known as Trevor Jones Art, defines himself as a traditional artist who loves technology. Therefore, he decided to dive into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in order to incorporate the “digital revolution” into his work. Jones has sold more than 1,100 digital works of art, earning him 2,408 ETH. This is equivalent to about $ 4.6 million. His most valuable work, Genesis, was bought for 302.5 ETH (USD 585,670). TrevorJonesArt became the second artist to have NFT sales of more than $ 1 million.


Sergio and Nadia are the artist duo behind the pseudonym Hackatao. They are considered pioneers of crypto art and have sold 530 works for more than $ 4.4 million. Hackatao was founded in Milan in 2007 and is characterized by a unique and distinctive style. His art is inspired by important social issues, the environment, humanity and cryptocurrencies. Hackatao sold over $ 250,000 in 2020 on the NFT SuperRare Marketplace. Sergio and Nadia also worked with AsyncArt and CryptoKitties to launch a collection of extremely rare art inspired by the famous CryptoKitties.

Crazy Dog Jones

With sales of over $ 3.7 million, Crazy Dog Jones‘works are distinguished by their surreal, post-apocalyptic urban style. He recently announced the launch of a collection of NFT-based artwork on the Ethereum blockchain entitled “Crash + Burn and Burn Mechanic”. This collection, consisting of 10 works, was published on February 18th. It contains music and is available on the Nifty Gateway Marketplace.


Röntgen is one of the most influential NFT artists today. With works inspired by death, dystopia, and apathy, Xcopy sold 755 works of art valued at over $ 2.7 million. Xcopy is a London-based artist and cryptocurrency enthusiast who has grown to become a leader in the NFT’s art scene.

Her works are available on NFT marketplaces such as Nifty Gateway, Super Rare and Raible. At its last auction in 2020, Xcopy donated 50% of sales to charity. The highest-valued crypto art is First Supper, which sells for 103.4 ETH or $ 199,758.


Little released a collection of 4 artworks on NFT along with musician Two Feet on Valentine’s Day, which sold for over $ 1 million on Nifty Gateway. Two of his works, “Crowded City” and “A Peak In My Head,” were bought for $ 150,000 and $ 158,888, respectively. The other two pieces in the collection were sold at an open auction. These works were replicated several times and sold a total of 383 editions.

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