There are millions of NFTs for sale, and it seems like thousands of new projects are launching daily. How do you cut through all the noise to determine the best NFT projects to follow and potentially invest in?

For one, and depending on how much money you are looking to spend, you may not want to look at NFT’s as an investment. There are currently 4 million assets on OpenSea (the most popular NFT marketplace) and potentially millions across other marketplaces like Rarible Foundation SuperRare NBA Top Shot etc. Knowing that the NFT universe is immense and ever-expanding, it is safe to say that not all NFTs are worth your investment.

However, if you are looking to invest in some of the best NFTs out there, look no further. Here is a list of 10 NFT projects that we believe will be big in 2021:


Gary Vaynerchuk, the man who brought you Instagram and Twitter is now bringing you vee friends. Gary serves as Chairman of VaynerX along with being CEO at both media company known as “VYN” which stands for himself (https://www); it’s an acronym that also happens to be how many people canrol through his brain – 1% society!! He created this event where only ticket holders get access because he wants true friendship between attendees rather than just meeting up online or talking on messenger constantly like so many other events today tend towards fostering instead.

At Gary’s Vee Friends event, attendees will have to opportunity to win some amazing prizes that Gary has put up. These include things such as a trip to one of his wine tastings in Napa Valley, a chance to have dinner with Gary and 5 friends, or even an opportunity to be mentored by Gary for a day!

In order to join in on the fun and make some true friends, you’ll need to purchase a vee friend ticket. These tickets are NFTs that live on the VeChainThor blockchain and can only be owned by those who attend the event. With Gary’s star power behind it, we believe that VeeFriends will be a huge success in 2021.

Crypto Baristas

Crypto Baristas is making the world a better place by empowering 60 caffeine-loving characters whose ownership helps conceptualize and open up World’s First NFT funded café! Owners of these Crypto bartenders enjoy caffeinated perks for life at all future cafes spaces or websites that show support to this cause, as well control “Barista Bank”, which can be used toward charitable organizations in our community who need help with equipment donations; advancing projects such us blockchain related ones where revenue goes back into creating more content. It’s also the first place where you can have a mocha with your cryptobartender, no matter how far!

Moon Boyz

The Moonboyz project is a collection of 11,111 unique characters living on the Ethereum Blockchain. Unique and 3D designed each NFTs comes full membership to an ever growing community with excellent utilities

The phase 1 roadmap includes:

  • Moon Boyz Party (for the holders of the rarest characters)
  • Exclusive merch for holders
  • Private club access
  • And more


The MekaVerse is a collection of 8,888 generative Mekas with hundreds of elements inspired by the Japan Mecha universes. This project was created by Mattey and Matt B two friends who have jumped feet first into NFT space The roadmap includes bringing to life these mekans through high-quality 3D printed toys which continues their ambition for future streetwear collaborations as well potential short films using the characters they hold in ownership.


A new, groundbreaking project is underway. With the Nouns Project anyone can be their own character in a video game and enjoy all of its benefits without having to spend any money! The unique aspect about this idea? You don’t have purchase an item from someone else; instead it will come pre-generated for you so there’s no risk involved whatsoever–you get something fresh every day with nothing but time as your expense account (because who doesn’t like buying things).

Creature World

A 21-year old visual artist from NYC, Danny Cole strives to actualize imagination through his Creature World project.

The creatures in this specially created world can be your virtual companions as they explore and interact with one another on an interactive journey that will take you into their lives – it is unclear if these purchased characters are just for use within the space or whether there’s more planned out at www.creatureworldwidecom/… The mystery behind what exactly lies ahead could make this intriguing NFT (nonprofit enterprise) worth following closely!

Adam Bomb Squad

The Adam Bomb Squad project is a collaboration between The Hundreds and their fans. It was created to bring identity, community ownership of the NFT space through this character that has been around for 18 years – “the bomb.” With three parts in mind (idolizing our logo/character; chronicling its history since launch), we’re looking forward on how you’ll be able enjoy these benefits as well!


The Claylings project is on a mission to bring clay animation and blockchain together. Their goal? Launch 4,040 characters across four different series- one with your character in it! Out of all the projects currently trending volume wise ($6 million as I write this article), they rank 5th overall for their ambition alone.

It’s exciting times ahead – we’ll have more info about what these intrepid creatives are up too soon so stay tuned!

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