Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) or unique non-tradeable digital assets are part of the conversation every day and Twitter knows it. This morning the official account of the microblogging social network published a collection of 140 NFTs for its users. “140 NFT free for 140 of you best friends,” reads the tweet in English, making a reference to the famous character limit his posts had in the past.

The release includes both images and text, with some funny ones like an animated GIF showing what happens when you try to delete all your tweets at once, or one that showcases how many characters are left before reaching this limit. But also serious pieces, such as one on mental health awareness during World Suicide Prevention Day.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are unique digital assets that are not interchangeable and cannot be traded on traditional exchanges. They are issued on blockchain platforms and can represent a variety of things, such as virtual goods, video game items, or even real estate.

Twitter’s release includes a wide range of NFTs, from the silly to the serious. By giving its users access to these tokens, the social media platform is not only raising awareness about this new technology but also providing them with a way to experiment with it. It will be interesting to see how Twitter users use these NFTs and what kinds of new projects they create with them.

Twitter is giving people the opportunity to receive unique pieces that represent their brand! For a chance at one of 7 published NFTs, users have reply with these non-tradeable digital assets. Twitter only allows 20 editions per piece and all will be hosted on Rarible’s marketplace platform for collectors who want something special from this social media company in its history books.

Twitter is all about sharing moments with your friends, but now you can share them an even more permanent way. Twitter has been working on new features that will make it easier for people to sell their old items and tradeplaces in order create beautiful memories through NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The first test run of this was Jack Dorsey’s first sale through Valuables by Cent!

Twitter’s collection of 140 NFTs generates over $5 million

The Twitter NFT giveaway, “The 140 Collection,” which was released on June 30th has generated 1.7 ETH ($5 million) in total trading volume for its marketplace OpenSea. While this is certainly lower than other projects like Axie Infinity and CryptoPunks; it’s a considerable amount of money when looking at just 140NFTs!

NFTs are a new way of storing information on the blockchain. They can be any type file from images and videos all the way down to text documents! In this case, we have Twitter creating 140 NFT tokens which each represent one specific short GIF within their platform–these vary depending what aspect or feature it focuses around (animation). There’s also seven different designs with 20 options available in total for every variation so you’re sure not going run out anytime soon if your tastes change.

You can now follow others on Twitter by giving them a Tweet! Just send them an NFT that they can store on their account and they’ll be able to see all your latest posts. This is a great way to connect with new people and share some of your favorite content. Plus, it’s really easy to do–just send them the token and they’ll be able to add it to their account in seconds.

Twitter handpicked 140 users who responded to its main tweet announcing the giveaway. Shortly after, these lucky few came together and formed an organization with one goal: getting a high return on their new digital assets from what they thought would be little more than free candy bars or some other trinket given away at Halloween time. The founder of this group (Geo) was also among those selected by Twitter as winners–and he started his own community page just hours after finding out how much value could actually comefrom owning something digitally instead!

One of the developers at The Block said that he can’t remember when there were so few people holding NFTs. With only 140 available, it’s easier to shake out weak hands and get a list cleaned up for those who really want them — which we are seeing right now as prices have skyrocketed in recent weeks after falling significantly during initial launch week sales (from 90 ETH down below 100).

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