CryptoPunks are a digital currency that exist only as data on the internet. Users can buy and sell virtual goods with real money, but there is no physical representation of these transactions. This currency has been around for more than two years now and it’s still going strong-here’s what you need to know about CryptoPunks.

What are CryptoPunks?

CryptoPunks are unique digital collectibles that use blockchain technology. These are the first non-fungible NFTs on the market, which means that you can buy, sell or trade them with other people. It’s important to mention that this is still a very young project because it has been available for less than three years now. But, they have an important place in the crypto gaming sphere and many experts think that this project might be one of the best investments of all time.

What do CryptoPunks Look Like?

Each CryptoPunk is a small square image that has eight variations. You can see each one of them in the picture above; these digital characters are definitely not very cute! But, they have something better than good looks: they exist only on the blockchain and this makes them very special for people who love crypto gaming. 3. How do I Buy These Characters?

To buy every single variant it would cost you $526,335 which seems like an exorbitant amount right now but keep in mind that the value of these collectibles changes over time. If you just want to try your luck and see how easy it is to buy some characters then we recommend that you visit the CryptoPunks website . There is a marketplace where you can buy and sell digital assets. If you wish to check out some different CryptoPunks then we suggest that you visit the CRYPTPUNKS Bazaar .

What Should I Know about CryptoPunks?

CryptoPunks is a unique concept and it has taken the world of NFTs by storm . This digital currency was launched in 2017 when the market wasn’t very crowded; this means that they have a competitive advantage over other collectibles. Another cool aspect is that these characters are not based on any real-life celebrities, musicians or corporations like most characters do. Instead, they use punks from science fiction movies like Blade Runner and Tron.

Can You Use These Characters?

Yes! CryptoPunks were created to be used in different games, each one with a certain theme. The most popular one is Etherbots . In this game you can use these characters to fight against other players and steal their resources. This might seem very complicated at first glance but it’s actually really easy because all you have to do is select your character and click a button-you don’t even need a wallet!

Are There Other Games That Use These Characters?

There are many more games that use the same characters as CryptoPunks; some examples include Bounties Network , ETHPlode , Fomo3D and Rare Pepe Party . You can find information about all of these projects on the official website of CryptoPunks.

The information covered here is just the tip of the iceberg! There are plenty more games that use CryptoPunks as characters and you can find out about those by visiting . And if you’re hungry for more NFT news then we also recommend checking 99Bitcoins !

Everyone knows that collectibles have been one of the best ways to make money in crypto, and digital assets like CryptoPunks definitely belong to this category. We hope that this article helped solve any questions you might have had about these great projects; if not, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Happy collecting everyone!

Different Types of CryptoPunks NFT

There are two different types of CryptoPunks: the Regular and the Special editions. The difference in price is due to their rarity and features. A normal CryptoPunk can be obtained in three ways:

The buyer acquires a code from an auction, another user on the wallet or through exchanges. The buyer purchases them at the CryptoPunks price which fluctuates over time. The buyer requested them by PMing the developers on Github or Discord or by contacting them through social media.

The buyers purchases them directly from the original website.

The Special Edition CryptoPunks are much more expensive than the normal ones, but they also have different features. There are five types of special edition:

Limited Edition- these were made in small numbers, and now you can buy them only by contacting the developers. Neon or Rainbow Version- These versions can be bought with either Ethereum or Bitcoin at their manager’s discretion to determine price. Once all 9999 available NFTs for a particular version is sold out, no more will ever be created. All nine characters on a limited edition may carry a neon or rainbow effect which is visually i mpressive . It is randomly assigned during transfer on the blockchain, so no two will ever be the same. Hand Painted- These were hand-painted by Joe Wiltshire and can only be bought by contacting him directly.

These are sold exclusively through the official website for Ethereum or Bitcoin at their manager’s discretion to determine price. It is very unlikely for these to ever re-surface again.[e] They are one of a kind!​ The original founders themselves designed ten CryptoPunk characters back in 2018. This was before anyone even knew what an NFT was; it was brand new technology, fresh out of the oven! Of course you know how much hype surrounded this blockchain game. The project attracted hundreds of investors and today there are over ten thousand unique CryptoPunks on the market.

Price Factors And What Affects It?

There are several factors that determine the price of a specific CryptoPunk: its rarity (which is determined by how many people own it), demand for that version or character, etc.

Its rarity- Some versions are more rare than others, so they will be priced accordingly. For example, there were only two Neon/Rainbow Version founders’ Punk produced out of nine. So you can do the math!​ Another example is Exclusive Founder’s Punks available through purchases made directly from the developers. These are only one of a kind, and therefore their price fluctuates depending on demand.

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